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Basquetour participates in "Euromeeting", international conference on sustainable tourism

  • Represents an important opportunity to bring forward the debate on the implementation of regional policies for a sustainable and competitive European tourism. This appointment, which will be held tomorrow in Florence, will meet experts and institutional representatives of international tourism.

05/17/2012 - BASQUETOUR

Basquetour, the Basque Tourism Agency, will participate in "Euromeeting", the international conference on the implementation of Regional Policies for Sustainable and Competitive European Tourism, tomorrow in Florence.

The event which will bring together experts and representatives of international institutions, the European Commission and WTO, has been organized in collaboration with the Seventh Framework Programme of the ERNEST project- “European Research Network on Sustainable Tourism". Basquetour participates since 2008 in this program and its aim is to develop and strengthen coordination between regional research and innovation in sustainable tourism.

This year, attendees will participate in open dialogue with regions and stakeholders on the sustainable management of culture and Art Tourism. In the case of Euskadi will be present Eider Albizu, head of the agency's competitiveness. Basquetour is going to participate with two interventions: one in the section called "Art cities and models of tourism management ", presenting the case of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz by the hand of the City Hall and the second in the section "Model of management in cultural destinations", explaining the tourism management model used in the Basque Country for its Territorial Development.


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