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Euskadi/the Basque Country, the first associate member of the European Network ECOTRANS

  • Basquetour to act on behalf of the destination, the Basque Country
  • This is the first time a region has been declared an associate member of the network for sustainable tourism /li>

02/04/2014 - BASQUETOUR

Euskadi/the Basque Country is already an associate member of the European Network ECOTRANS and Basquetour is to act on behalf of the first destination or region to be accepted as a member.

ECOTRANS - European Network for Sustainable Tourism Development is an independent non-profit-making network, made up of members who may be individuals (European experts) or organisations, who are working towards more sustainable tourism, in collaboration with the European Environment Agency (EEA), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

For the first time, a region/destination (the Basque Country) has been accepted as a member, through Basquetour, of the network and a new membership category has been created for this purpose (associate member).

The ECOTRANS network administers DestiNet, a "Sustainable Tourism Alliance" of the United Nations, and an independent portal that brings together the global community of individuals and organisations who are working towards more sustainable tourism.

DestiNet is a source of information and a communication platform that aims to link potential members for exchange and collaboration, offering tools and examples of good practices, sustainable tourism certification programmes; and certified products and services.

With the support of the European Commission (CIP Programme), DestiNet is used to create knowledge networks for sustainable tourism that will enable competitive and sustainable European tourism at local/regional, national and international level (FAST- LAIN 2011-2012 project).

In the field of Ecotourism, this Alliance is used to create and manage the European Ecotourism Network (EEN).


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