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Basquetour, the host organization for the third "European Summer School in Leadership and Governance for Sustainable Tourism"
  • Annual and European leading event about sustainable tourism is organized by FEST (Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism) and European Travel Commission with the patronage of the European Parliament and the next year it will take place in Vitoria.
Euskadi/the Basque Country, the first associate member of the European Network ECOTRANS
  • Basquetour to act on behalf of the destination, the Basque Country
  • This is the first time a region has been declared an associate member of the network for sustainable tourism /li>
The Anatolia region shows its interest in the Basque tourist innovation strategy

  • A Turkish delegation has visited the Basque Country in recent days on a visit organised by Basquetour
  • The programme included meetings with agents and entities in the tourism sector and in the world of technology and innovation
Basquetour participates in "Euromeeting", international conference on sustainable tourism
  • Represents an important opportunity to bring forward the debate on the implementation of regional policies for a sustainable and competitive European tourism. This appointment, which will be held tomorrow in Florence, will meet experts and institutional representatives of international tourism.
Berrikuntza eta lankidetza Foroa Arabako Errioxan: IKT-en erabileran jardunbide egokien programa
Datorren Martxoaren 21ean, Basquetourrek eta Arabako Errioxako Lankidetza Erakundeak, IKTen Erabileran Jardunbide Egokien Programa (IKTen JJEE Programa) aurkeztuko die interesa duten eskualdeko enpresa guztiei.
Basquetour programmes a course on the Basque Tourism Observatory tool
The software allows useful monitoring to enable decision-making on tourism policy

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