Basquetour: Turismoaren Euskal Agentzia. Agencia Vasca de Turismo


NECSTouR is a network of European regions aimed at developing and strengthening a coordination framework between regional development programmes through research and innovation for competitive and sustainable tourism.

The Basque Country – Spain region (Basquetour) has been an official member of the network since 2009.


  • Taskforce: European Tourism Policy
    • Heads of Coordination:
      Anna Lisa Boni, Teresa Caldarola
  • Taskforce: Indicators
    • Heads of Coordination:
      Apolonia Rodrigues, Alejandro Valdivia
  • Taskforce: Cultural Routes
    • Heads of Coordination:
      Michel Thomas Penette, Idurre Ostolaza

Derivative projects:

  • Sustainable tourism indicators
    Start date: November 2010
    Status: in progress

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