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EFQM Excellence Model

What it is

The EFQM model (European Foundation for Quality Management), is a non-prescriptive model whose fundamental concept is self-assessment based on a detailed analysis of the way the management system of the organisation operates, using the model's criteria as a guideline.



This is applicable to any type of organisation, both from the private and public sectors, including SME's and microSME's. It is advisable to have a quality system beforehand.


Organisations and tourism services which decide to opt for the EFQM model must follow the following phases:

  • Awareness. Basquetour informs its respective groups of the general approach and defines the objectives, commitments, activities, advantages and obligations acquired.
  • Self-Assessment (Verification). The aim of this is to obtain an overall view of the current situation of the management system and the possible actions to undertake. The organisations are provided with support when performing the self-assessment, as well as ideas and suggestions for improving.
  • Training. Work groups of businesspeople in the tourism sector are created to be trained in the different criteria of the EFQM model.
  • Individual visits. The management is given the support of an expert to follow up implementation in their organisations.
  • Self-Assessment by the organisation.
  • Assessment by the certified Euskalit Assessors' Club, made up of experts from different sectors.


The Deputy Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government has an agreement with  Euskalit by which it is possible to obtain subsidies to implement this quality system with certified consultants.



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